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When History Comes to Life

by rick.wilson on Nov.06, 2013, under Culture, History


This image depending on your perspective is an accurate summary of real challenges in a populist movement or an “out of control” symbol of “hate speech,” perpetrated by a rouge congressman (Grayson Ratchets up Tea Party Flap).  In the end our opinions don’t matter half as much as the history that either supports or refutes them – we all benefit when real history comes to life.

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Getting Away with Murder

by rick.wilson on Jul.14, 2013, under Culture, History


The news broke through the baseball game I’d been watching – the judge in the George Zimmerman trial said that the jury had reached a verdict.  ”NOT GUILTY.”  Out of three choices – 2nd degree murder, manslaughter and not guilty – this jury without one African American on it chose the latter.  HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!!!???

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I’m White Jesus and I Approved This Message

by rick.wilson on Mar.23, 2013, under Culture, History


The “rush and gush” is in full throttle as the History Channel’s “The Bible” series soon moves to a conclusion. Creators Roma Downey (”Touched by an Angel”) and Mark Burnett (Producer) interviewed by Fox News and all manner of Christian media are happy with record ratings and the “fact” that 68 million people are “seeing” the Bible.  Problem is that this Euro-centric face of Christianity is a lie – a calculated deception that’s been going on for centuries.

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Wayne’s World

by rick.wilson on Jan.16, 2013, under Culture, History


One day after the horrific Sandy Hook massacre, NRA President Wayne LaPierre virtually shut down discussion.  After one week of ‘deliberations’ what wisdom would come from the well funded ’sacred’ kingdom built upon the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution?  How disappointing it was when all we got was another trip through Wayne’s world. (continue reading…)

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Kunte Kinte Goes Gangster

by rick.wilson on Jan.04, 2013, under Culture, History


There’s a lot of buzz about “Django Unchained” – Quentin Tarantino’s new ‘Spaghetti Western’ focused on slavery in the Antebellum American south of the late 1850’s.  This is a movie you should see – I’ll tell you why.

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Our Neighborhoods, Our Children

by rick.wilson on Dec.15, 2012, under Culture, History


“We’ve been here too many times,” President Obama said, standing emotionally broken in the wake of another gun related tragedy.  ”Whether it’s an elementary school in Newton, CT a shopping mall in Oregon, a temple in Wisconsin, a movie theater in Aurora, CO, or a street corner in Chicago,” he said, “these neighborhoods are our neighborhoods and these children are our children.” More than ever before, we need to see ALL our neighborhoods and ALL our children.” (continue reading…)

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The Value of a Facebook Champion

by rick.wilson on Dec.11, 2012, under Marketing


It’s one of those things you do in a day without thinking much about it.  In my meeting with Radio in Black and White producer Kishen Newton – one of our discussion points was the show’s Facebook Fan Page.  ”I’d like you to take over the page Key.”  I could not have imagined what happened next!!

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Conversations with White Guys

by rick.wilson on Oct.24, 2012, under Culture, History


It’s rare when white people – especially white men – enter a conversation about race.  I appreciate the ideas of three white guys who have responded to recent posts of mine that dealt with the myth of God and country, the complicity of the founders in slavery and the importance of fact checking. Their thoughts and questions are below.

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Fact vs. Opinion

by rick.wilson on Aug.31, 2012, under Culture


David Barton

Early this month, Thomas Nelson Publisning pulled David Barton’s book, “The Jefferson Lies,” off store shelves and canceled its contract with the author.  The book was doing well – but the facts presented were not accurate – in the end a respected Christian publishing house discerned a difference between fact and opinion.  Wouldn’t that help all of us! (continue reading…)

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Lying about Thomas Jefferson

by rick.wilson on Aug.02, 2012, under History


He is the best known of America’s Founding Fathers and the most misunderstood. He’s the center of Christian Fundamentalism’s myth machine – a theocratic cabal determined to reshape the founders into their own theological and political image. He is Thomas Jefferson and if David Barton is telling you his story – don’t believe a word of it.

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